Need fresh IT solutions?

Sites, social media, report writing

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Need fresh IT solutions?

Information processing. Visualization.

Python creates real miracles, excel resting.

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Information processing. Visualization.
Collect information

Information gathering on the Internet. Parsing sites and social networks. Saving data in any convenient format.

Data processing

Identification of trends, visualizing. Creation of reports. Using analytical methods such as machine learning and text analytics.

Publishing information

Regular updating of information on the site and publications of new data on social networks. Attracting traffic, increasing the number of subscribers.

Technical support

Template and style changes, plugin updates, website acceleration, security control.

Brief about me

In one way or another, I've been working with the internet since 1991. I developed together with it, grew up, gained experience, work experience and life experience. Recently I have been involved in python programming and can use this language to solve many business and everyday problems. But I also work with WordPress and other elements of web-technologies. I am an economist-mathematic by training. The first part of my career was more about finance (so I'm particularly good at handling financial data), and now the second part of my career will be about math, which I love just as much as finance.

Professional skills

  • Working with websites - support, information update, backup, mobile compatibility, security, and much more (my experience is mostly on WordPress).
  • I know the basic principles of HTML and CSS - I can quickly fix something directly, bypassing the templates of the site itself.
  • Python programming.
  • Website Promotion on Google Ads.
  • Creating and administering groups in social networks - Facebook and Twitter, including promotion and advertising.
  • Creation and administration of groups in messenger of Telegram and Whatsapp.
  • Image Processing in GIMP.
  • Creating ERP systems based on 1C at the advanced user level, generating reports of any size and complexity.
  • Working in all major office editors and spreadsheets: Microsoft, Google, OpenOffice. I can work with all major office suites and applications (Microsoft, Google, OpenOffice and others). In addition,


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  • Pavel

    Thanks to Alex for parsing a website dedicated to flowers. I had a list of more than 800 flowers with comments to them copied from a website to an MS Excel file. However, absence of their pictures was a great obstacle in my work, and to copy each of them separately was not an option for me. As a result of Alex's help, I got links to all the pictures of flowers from my list, and now each flower's name in my Excel sheet has a small picture near it. In addition, the picture is clickable for zooming it in and out - a very handy trick for my convenient work. Thank you again, Alex!